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Diverse Learning Environments


Our emphasis during the toddler stage is building your child’s independence and fostering the natural curiosity that toddlers possess, which creates a long lasting love of learning.  All games and materials have a specific place, as routine and order provide a sense of security.  Children learn to be responsible for replacing materials when finished.



Our 3’s program is geared toward the developmental milestones and curiosities of younger preschoolers.  Our curriculum provides a variety of learning experiences with activities in science, math, art and language.  Some of the skills your child will be working on include problem solving, conflict resolution, making predictions, and becoming independent through the development of self-help skills.


Our School - Aged program will set high expectations while providing clear goals of learning. Providing individual support based on each child’s growth and development. Families will understand what their children are learning and how they can support them. Teachers will teach age appropriate content and approach the child's learning abilities on a case by case basis.

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